Grief and Grieving : A True Pet Story
Posted by Chapster on Mar-17-2007 (4193 reads)

We grow fond of our pets. Our two babies, Jeffie and Jillie, are very dear to us. I'm not sure that we could love them any more if they were human. So, when I read a recent posting at, the urban legend clearing house, I was deeply moved. If you love pets, your kids love a pet, someone you know loves a pet, or someone you know has recently lost a pet, click the link to read the rest of this article.

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Grief and Grieving : Childhood and Grief
Posted by Chapster on Jun-02-2005 (2781 reads)

Children are very impressionable and the grief experience is fraught with emotional trauma. When the two are mixed together, childhood sensitivity and deep sorrow experiences, it can set the stage for wounds that may be carried long into adulthood. On the other hand, it offers the opportunity to give childen lifelong tools to manage loss.

In a recent Community Focus session on KEOM, Barb spoke about this issue with Station Director Dr. James Griffin. Continue reading for insight on how we can help children cope with such occasions.

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Grief and Grieving : USAA Education Fondation: Resources for Coping with Loss
Posted by Chapster on Apr-13-2005 (2648 reads)

USAA is a very respected insurer who also has an altruistic side. One of their outreaches is the USAA Educational Foundation. In a recent email from a friend of ElderHope the question was asked about where one could get information on some of the technical and legal matters that need to be taken care of after the death of a spouse or loved one. We were happy to provide our friend with this link that has a whole section of articles on coping with loss. It especially deals with some of these technical issues. We will add it to our links list.

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Grief and Grieving : Excerpt from Stephen Levines Unattended Sorrow
Posted by Jeffery on Feb-11-2005 (2939 reads)

The following is an excerpt from the book Unattended Sorrow: Recovering from Loss and Reviving the Heart by Stephen Levine


open to our pain?

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Grief and Grieving : Do Animals Grieve?
Posted by Chapster on Sep-10-2004 (5790 reads)

A long while back I was driving down Buckingham Road in Garland, Texas, heading to a nursing home. It was an overcast day, the slightest hint of drizzle making its way onto my windshield. I turned onto Glenbrook and had only gone about fifty feet when I saw two beautiful black labs in the middle of the now nearly vacant street.

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