Ethics & Law : Pope Comments on Tube Feeding and Hydration: Raises Concerns
Posted by Chapster on Apr-06-2004 (2616 reads)

(The Chicago Sun-Times) - On March 20, 2004 Pope John Paul clarified the teaching of the Catholic Church on artificial hydration and nutrition (ANH) causing an uproar among caregivers, healthcare systems, and medical ethicists.

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Ethics & Law : Human Values in Aging Newsletter: Ethics and Autonomy
Posted by Chapster on Jul-02-2003 (3853 reads)

In the most recent Human Values in Aging Newsletter, published by Rick Moody (highly recommended!), he draws into question the vaunted place of autonomy in our ethical heirarchy. Rugged Individualism is such a deeply held value for most Westerners, that we have a hard time imagining a life of value without independence.

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