End of Life Care : EdeleData.org: A New Site Coordinating Demographics on Death and Dying
Posted by Chapster on Nov-15-2005 (3803 reads)

Due to the woeful lack of information about the demographics of the dying process, the Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, and the U S Administration on Aging have opened a new website, EdeleData.org. we already love the site and feel certain that it will improve the understanding of the way dying occurs in the United States. To see the press release, continue reading.

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End of Life Care : Seattle Times: Ecstasy to be tested on cancer patients
Posted by Chapster on Dec-29-2004 (2011 reads)

The FDA has given approval to begin testing of the street drug Ecstasy for the treatment of anxiety and pain in advanced cancer patients. It is one of a growing number of efforts to offer a broader range of treatment alternatives to the terminally ill, even if those medications have traditionally been taboo.

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End of Life Care : Professionals and End-of-Life Care
Posted by Chapster on Feb-13-2004 (3194 reads)

Many physicians and other medical professionals desire to provide the very best care to their patients at the end of life. With hectic schedules, however, it may feel as though they really don't know where to learn the essentials of End-of-Life Care. This brief article seeks to provide some professional level learning resources on the dying process and on the interventions that can make it more comfortable, and even, perhaps, more healing.

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End of Life Care : DocGuide.com:HFSA: Hospice Not Embraced Early Enough with Heart-Failure Patients
Posted by Chapster on Oct-01-2003 (2592 reads)

(DocGuide.com) - Investigators with the Heart Failure Society of America recently announced results of a study that showed that patients with heart failure underutilize hospice care, compared to those with other diagnoses.

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End of Life Care : GoErie.com: Terminal Starvation Not Painful
Posted by Chapster on Sep-06-2003 (4873 reads)

(GoErie.com) - One of the major moral questions that many families have to address in caring for aging loved ones is the use of feeding tubes or to allow their loved one to die naturally and as a result of the disease process. This article on GoErie.com addresses this question. Indeed, it points to further evidence that the use of forced feeding actually decreases comfort, while not feeding increases comfort level.

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