KEOM & ElderHope : Dementia: First Steps When You Have Concerns
Posted by Chapster on Aug-29-2003 (2732 reads)

This Community Focus segment was recorded live at the KEOM 88.5FM studios in Mesquite, TX. Each month we tape a 5-minute interview with Dr. James Griffin, the Director of KEOM. The five minute sessions are rotated in with other guests and can be heard randomly at 10:15A, 2:15P, and 6:15P, Monday through Friday. This session deals with steps you should take when you think dementia might be a possibility, even if you just a little concerned about changes you're seeing.

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Inspiration : Of Bad Dreams and Caregiving
Posted by Chapster on Aug-14-2003 (2321 reads)

It's now 2:20AM. I was awakened a short while ago by a dream that I had lost my son while we were visiting Chicago. It was one of those dreams that seems absolutely real, so real it's palpable. I could practically feel myself crying as cops initially ignored my pleas to help me find my son. When I finally found him, with the help of those same policeman, I just know that I must have yelled in my sleep, "You're safe," accompanied by more tears.

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Computers : A Byte of Caution
Posted by Chapster on Aug-06-2003 (3056 reads)

Recently, while exploring a little information online about ElderHope, I discovered that ElderHope was listed as a spammer. Actually, let me rephrase that. The server that ElderHope is on has been listed as a server that sends out spam. And, indeed, that is a true statement, through no fault of our own. ElderHope has never, at any time, sent out anything that could be regarded as spam under any definition of that term. The point of this article is to document the threat that those who traverse the internet face.

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End of Life Care : AAFP: A Daughter Estranged from Her Dying Father
Posted by Chapster on Aug-03-2003 (3007 reads)

(American Association of Family Physicians) - What are the obligations of a physician to assist a patient towards reconciliation with loved ones before dying? Are there any? This article highlights the difficulties of caring for the patient who is dying, who is avoiding his dying process, and who is alienated from some of his family members. A family physician struggles to know how best to help his patient.

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KEOM & ElderHope : What You Need to Know about Preventing Falls
Posted by Chapster on Jul-23-2003 (1984 reads)

The following article is a transcript of the Community Focus segment that we do each month for KEOM 88.5FM in Mesquite, Texas. It was recorded at their studios on July 22, 2003. The Community Focus segment is alternated with other guests several times each month. The Community Focus segment is aired weekdays at 10:15AM, 2:15pm and 6:15PM. The program is hosted by Dr. James Griffin, the Station Director. The topic of Barb's segment this month is What You Need to Know about Preventing Falls.

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