End of Life Care : DocGuide.com:HFSA: Hospice Not Embraced Early Enough with Heart-Failure Patients
Posted by Chapster on Oct-01-2003 (2944 reads)

(DocGuide.com) - Investigators with the Heart Failure Society of America recently announced results of a study that showed that patients with heart failure underutilize hospice care, compared to those with other diagnoses.

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Caregiving : Organization Offering Accreditation for Home Caregivers
Posted by Chapster on Sep-23-2003 (2501 reads)

It is a difficult and demanding task to find trustworthy and competent caregivers who can stay in-home with a loved one. The Home Caregivers Accreditation of America organization hopes to remedy at least some of the angst associated with that process. While the responisibility for choosing a companion for your home still rests on the caregiver, this organization furnishes, at least, a meeting place. This organization is a partner with

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Dementia : Caregiver.com: Helping Children Understand Alzheimer's
Posted by Chapster on Sep-14-2003 (2794 reads)

(Caregiver.com)- Children are easily overwhelmed by what they do not understand. Due to their limited worldview, they often assume responsibility for problems that they have not created. They are deeply frightened at the prospect of losing someone that we love. They are troubled when they are not recognized by a loved one whom they have been close to. Children are not alone in these reactions: They generally find them more upsetting, however. This week's newsletter from Caregiver.com features a good article on explaining Alzheimer's Disease to children. To read the article, CLICK HERE!

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End of Life Care : GoErie.com: Terminal Starvation Not Painful
Posted by Chapster on Sep-06-2003 (5316 reads)

(GoErie.com) - One of the major moral questions that many families have to address in caring for aging loved ones is the use of feeding tubes or to allow their loved one to die naturally and as a result of the disease process. This article on GoErie.com addresses this question. Indeed, it points to further evidence that the use of forced feeding actually decreases comfort, while not feeding increases comfort level.

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Caregiving : Caregiver.com: Levels of Adjustment
Posted by Chapster on Sep-01-2003 (2635 reads)

(Caregiver.com) - In the most recent newsletter from Caregiver.com , they feature a new article by Juli A. Koroly entitled Levels of Adjustment. It details the kinds of adaptations that are necessary to get through the problems that come with a family member having chronic illness.

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