Medical Issues : The Internet, Cancer and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
Posted by Chapster on Aug-14-2004 (2120 reads)

(Health on the Internet Foundation) - In a newsletter we received today from the Health on the Internet Foundation there was an article that addressed the quality of health information to be found on the internet, specifically information on cancer. and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

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The Dying Process : Dealing Honestly with Death
Posted by Chapster on Jul-08-2004 (3547 reads)

It was late one night and I had been called to a local hospital to provide support for a patient who had just died. The family were devout Roman Catholics. The hospital had their own chaplain on call until 8PM. It was about 8:15 PM when I arrived. It was very important to the family that a priest ask a blessing for the deceased. The hospital chaplain, who was a priest, had been by earlier in the evening, when the old woman was alive, and the family had refused to let the priest pray for her. Now, a scant two hours later, she was dead. I asked the chaplain/priest to come and visit the family. He informed me that he was leaving for the day, but that he would come up and say a prayer for the family.

When he arrived, I remember distinctly that he chewed out the family: "I was here earlier and then you didn't want a prayer. What did you think was going to happen?"

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Aging : Beware Against Scams of the Elderly
Posted by Chapster on Jul-07-2004 (2862 reads)

( - Our intrepid field reporter, Barb, told me a story the other day that she said, "had her blood boiling." It was a story of a trusting elderly lady being scammed by a couple of younger individuals for an enormous amount of money.

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KEOM & ElderHope : Getting Your Affairs in Order & Long Term Care Options
Posted by Chapster on May-28-2004 (2105 reads)

This month ElderHope did two feature segments at KEOM 88.5 FM. One was entitiled Getting Your Affairs in Order and the other, done by Barb, was Long Term Care Options. We are moving these scripts to the Special Sections area. You can find Getting Your Affairs in Order here and Barb's segment on Long Term Care Options here.

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KEOM & ElderHope : Easing the Dying Process
Posted by Chapster on May-01-2004 (2031 reads)

Each month ElderHope does two short tapings for the thrice daily Community Focus segment on KEOM88.5FM (don't you just love using words like thrice). We are in a rotation with a number of other community based organizations. This month we did a segment on the dying process. This is the script for that segment.

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