KEOM & ElderHope : New KEOM Sessions: Dehydration and the Elderly & The Gifts of Serious Illness
Posted by Chapster on Oct-12-2004 (2864 reads)

ElderHope recently recorded two new Community Focus segments with Dr. James Griffin at the KEOM 88.5 FM studios. The first segment, by Barb, deals with dehydration in the elderly. This time of year dehydration strikes the elderly much more often and can be deadly in a very short amount of time.

The second segment, by Mike, deals with the unexpected gifts of serious illness.

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Grief and Grieving : Do Animals Grieve?
Posted by Chapster on Sep-10-2004 (5015 reads)

A long while back I was driving down Buckingham Road in Garland, Texas, heading to a nursing home. It was an overcast day, the slightest hint of drizzle making its way onto my windshield. I turned onto Glenbrook and had only gone about fifty feet when I saw two beautiful black labs in the middle of the now nearly vacant street.

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KEOM & ElderHope : New Broadcasts: Scams & the Elderly;Coping with Grieving
Posted by Chapster on Aug-29-2004 (2988 reads)

This month ElderHope did feature segments at KEOM 88.5 FM. Barb's segment was titled Scams and the Elderly. To read the script go here. Mike has his own article, Coping with Grieving: What You Can Expect. You can view that section here.

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Caregiving : Changing Seasons
Posted by Keswick on Aug-22-2004 (2868 reads)

(Paulette Kaufman, Keswick Pines Lifecare) - Have you looked at your mother lately? I mean, have you really looked at your mother lately? As a marketing counselor in a Continuous Care Retirement Community (CCRC) I have met many senior citizens and their families. It amazes me how many children continue to see their parents as the strong, in-charge person they were 30 years ago. They are accustomed to seeing their parents provide help and support; and truly fear seeing their mother or father struggling.

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Ethics Issues : Weekly Standard: Death Plays the Name Game
Posted by Chapster on Aug-17-2004 (2163 reads)

(The Weekly Standard) - In a new article on The Weekly Standard author Wesley J. Smith takes aim at two euthanasia and end-of-life advocacy organizations which recently expressed their intent to merge becoming Compassion and Choice. In taking aim at euthanasia, however, one is well advised to shoot carefully.

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