In the News : updates - once again
Posted by Chapster on Sep-08-2006 (5129 reads)

For some long years ElderWeb has been at the forefront of education on long term care and news of interest and support to the elderly. When ElderHope was just dreaming about making it's web site more accessible (a goal still out there in the future, though getting nearer, hopefully), ElderWeb was doing it.

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Advance Directives : Audio Instructions for the Texas Living Will
Posted by Chapster on Feb-13-2006 (3266 reads)

ElderHope has done something new, something really cool. We have added audio instructions for completing your own Texas Living Will.

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ElderHope News : Advance Directives on ElderHope
Posted by Chapster on Jan-29-2006 (4513 reads)

We have added publicly available advance directives from Georgia, Alabama and Texas to the ElderHope download area.

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Reflections : The Polar Express: An invitation to believe
Posted by Chapster on Nov-30-2005 (2951 reads)

Barb, my son, and I watched The Polar Express this evening, the day of it's release on DVD. It is an expanded version of the book by the same title, a whimsical treatise on belief. As I watched it, I became deeply aware that there are many kinds of fundamentalists, and not all of them are religious. Indeed, many of the non-religious types share the same enslavement to ideas that harm as some of the fundamentalists of all stripes that I know.

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End of Life Care : A New Site Coordinating Demographics on Death and Dying
Posted by Chapster on Nov-15-2005 (4277 reads)

Due to the woeful lack of information about the demographics of the dying process, the Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, and the U S Administration on Aging have opened a new website, we already love the site and feel certain that it will improve the understanding of the way dying occurs in the United States. To see the press release, continue reading.

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