KEOM & ElderHope : Coping During the Holidays & Internet Safety
Posted by Chapster on Dec-20-2004 (2582 reads)

We have recently added two new sections that we recorded during a Community Focus segment at KEOM 88.5 Mesquite Schools radio. The first one, by Barb, is entiitled Coping during the Holidays. The second segment, by Mike, deals with staying safe while using the internet - High Tech (to Keep in) High Touch. As a teaser, ElderHope recommends that you install and use as much as possible the Firebird and Thunderbird browser and email progam. Keep your Internet Explorer for pages that don't work right with them.

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ElderHope News : Gems from Precious People
Posted by ChapHarp on Dec-08-2004 (2481 reads)

We, at Vitas, are so privileged to serve people that are constantly sharing gems of wisdom with us: people who are traveling roads that are beyond our experience. Such people are often our best teachers. They share their truths, from the crucible of their living.

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Aging : Friendship
Posted by Chapster on Nov-30-2004 (2428 reads)

I have been slow about getting around to it, but Barb, ElderHope's best half, recently spoke on KEOM 88,5FM on their Community Focus segment. The topic was the importance of maintaining active friendships and social contact as we age. We cannot afford simply to live socially isolated lives. Read the reasoning and the advice she gives in this helpful article.

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Medical Issues : Medicines without Regulation
Posted by Chapster on Nov-23-2004 (3709 reads)

(Dallas/Fort Wort CBS11 News) -- Today the investigative team at the local CBS television affiliate broadcast a report entitled Thousands of Unapproved Prescription Drugs Hit Market through FDA Loophole. It is an important segment on a serious issue, and a major loophole.

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Long Term Care : Can my loved one stay at home?
Posted by Chapster on Nov-09-2004 (2526 reads)

One of the hardest questions that faces caregivers of the very sick is this: Can my loved one stay at home? While hospice and home care makes it much easier for patients to stay wherever they need to, there are a number of very important considerations that must be accounted for before keeping a very sick loved one in the home. This special section was also featured on the most recent Community Focus segment on KEOM88.5FM - Mesquite Schools Radio.

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