Planning : Preparing for trauma and difficult times
Posted by Chapster on May-03-2005 (2839 reads)

All of us have had the experience of the phone ringing in the middle of the night. We stagger to get to the phone and when we do, we pray that the person calling has called in error. That's far preferable to the deeply serious sounds of a loved one on the other end telling us bad news. Yet, these calls come.

How do we cope when they do come? How can we make decisions when we feel so traumatized? In a recent Community Focus session on KEOM, Mike spoke about this issue with Station Director Dr. James Griffin. Continue reading for insight on how we can prepare and cope with such occasions.

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Medical Issues : Compare Hospitals at New Web Site
Posted by Chapster on Apr-30-2005 (2512 reads)

I suppose there is such a thing as too much information, but in at least one case, that information can be a good thing. The US government has just opened a new web site that gives visitors the opportunity to compare hospitals in several important measures: Their treatment of heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia.

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Hospice Care : What is Hospice Care?
Posted by Chapster on Apr-17-2005 (2808 reads)

As the United States watched and debated the recent events surrounding the death of Terri Schiavo, one prominent party in her care was little heard about - the hospice that cared for her. What is hospice, anyway? Are hospice providers practicers of euthanasia?

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Grief and Grieving : USAA Education Fondation: Resources for Coping with Loss
Posted by Chapster on Apr-13-2005 (2666 reads)

USAA is a very respected insurer who also has an altruistic side. One of their outreaches is the USAA Educational Foundation. In a recent email from a friend of ElderHope the question was asked about where one could get information on some of the technical and legal matters that need to be taken care of after the death of a spouse or loved one. We were happy to provide our friend with this link that has a whole section of articles on coping with loss. It especially deals with some of these technical issues. We will add it to our links list.

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Long Term Care : Options for Care when Caring for the Elderly
Posted by Chapster on Apr-08-2005 (2454 reads)

As we watch our parents and other elderly loved ones age, we become very conscious of the changes that they are going through. We want to support them in their lifestyle for as long as possible. Yet most of us are not familiar with the resources that are available to aging adults. This article offers some basic answers to the kinds of questions family members have.

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