Hospice Care : Dame Cicely Saunders Dies - Leader in Hospice Care
Posted by Chapster on Jul-18-2005 (2420 reads)

The founder of the modern hospice movement, Dame Cicely Saunders, died July 14, 2005 in London. Her motto, "To cure sometimes, but to comfort always," have been watchwords for hospices worldwide. Her influence in the development of hospice care has been global, and her commitment to the alleviation of suffering is similarly felt. ElderHope extends our fondest condolences to all those who were touched by the life of this singular woman. To read more, go here at Ascribe.org.

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Ethics Issues : RenewAmerica: 'Right to die' advocate speaks out
Posted by Chapster on Jun-22-2005 (3488 reads)

RenewAmerica -- Today, as it does everyday, Google sent me its listing of the most recent news on end-of-life care. In that listing was a reference to the columnist Matt C. Abbott who writes for RenewAmerica. In yesterday's column, Mr. Abbott continued a long-running discussion on hospice care and euthanasia.

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Caregiving : Balancing Work and Caregiving
Posted by 4Hope on Jun-16-2005 (2159 reads)

How do I keep the plates of work and caregiving for a loved one up in the air at the same time? That's the question nearly 22 million Americans ask themselves each day as they try to make sense of their priorities.

Last month, Barb recorded a Community Focus segment for KEOM - 88.5FM with Dr. James Griffin. In the brief time we have, she offers some ideas and resources that can ease this burden a little.

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Grief and Grieving : Childhood and Grief
Posted by Chapster on Jun-02-2005 (2285 reads)

Children are very impressionable and the grief experience is fraught with emotional trauma. When the two are mixed together, childhood sensitivity and deep sorrow experiences, it can set the stage for wounds that may be carried long into adulthood. On the other hand, it offers the opportunity to give childen lifelong tools to manage loss.

In a recent Community Focus session on KEOM, Barb spoke about this issue with Station Director Dr. James Griffin. Continue reading for insight on how we can help children cope with such occasions.

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Spirituality : The Dying Woman in Room 402
Posted by Chapster on May-27-2005 (2293 reads)

In the Newsweek column, The Dying Woman in Room 402, Rabbi Marc Gellman tells a wonderful story about an incident he shared with his best friend. It is a heartwarming and encouraging story for "everyone everywhere who has done the best job they can, but even so it all just went to hell for some reasons they should have known and for some reasons they could not have known.…" Health care professionals will find a good deal of encouragement here.

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