Inspiration : You Must Be Special: A Reflection on Eleven Years as Hospice Chaplain
Posted by Chapster on Sep-30-2005 (4067 reads)

Today, September 30, 2005, is my last day working for Vitas Innovative Healthcare Corporation as one of their hospice chaplains. I leave their employ feeling a deep sense of loss but moving into a new position as a hospital chaplain. In the course of my eleven and a half years with them, they have become part of my family and I love them. Vitas, in my opinion, is the finest hospice in the country, and team 403 the best goup of caregivers, with the heart and the resources to provide the care that is needed to terminal patients. Here, in this article, is a brief message that I shared with my team yesterday. I hope it will be of help to all you wonderful hospice workers.

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ElderHope News : Houston Seminar Update
Posted by Chapster on Aug-27-2005 (3714 reads)

Yesterday, I did a seminar in Houston for Seasons Seminars. The participants were excellent. The seminar was entitled, The Dying Process in the Long Term Care Facility: Caring for Patients, Families, and Staff. I just want to thank the group that came. You were all delightful and it was pure joy to be a presenter.

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Life Review : A Meal of Celebration
Posted by Chapster on Aug-20-2005 (2758 reads)

As the fall months approach, in the United States so does Thanksgiving. And, it's the perfect time to begin planning a celebration for you and your family that honors your stories and memories of the past.

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Medical Issues : Neurology Now: New Magazine for Neurology Patients and Families
Posted by Chapster on Aug-13-2005 (2772 reads)

A new magazine is available online for those who are coping with neurological illness and their families. It is an official publication of the American Academy of Neurology. It provides a wealth of information and it is free!

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Aging : Two New Articles: About Drug Warnings & Aging and Change
Posted by Chapster on Jul-29-2005 (2477 reads)

Recently, ElderHope taped several new Community Focus segments with Dr. James Griffin, Station Director of KEOM 88.5FM. In the first of two sessions, Dr. Griffin spoke with Barb about what are known as Black Box warnings on medications. They're meant to get your attention, and they should. Learn why here. In the second session Barb talks with Dr. Griffin about the difficulties of aging and transitions. You can read that transcript here. And you can see all of our articles in the Sections area of the site.

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