Hospice Care : Excellent video released about hospice care
Posted by Chapster on Apr-15-2007 (5610 reads)

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in hospice care for twelve years was the fact that people either didn't realize hospice was available for their loved ones, or they thought it wasn't appropriate for their loved one. Then, when their loved one became very sick the dying process took place so quickly that hospice did not have time to really work its wonders in providing the comfort and support that families needed. Sadly, until that time, hospice did little to present itself in a way that made it more accessible and welcome.

Recently, Optimal Health Services released a video - available online - that does a marvelous job of explaining hospice, of presenting it well, and of describing it's work in a way that makes it feel less threatening. Entitled Hospice...It's about living, it features the various members of the hospice team, the way that ones gets enrolled in hospice, and the support available through hospice. We heartily commend this video. See it here: http://www.optimalcares.com/content/view/92/271/.

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