Medical Issues : What You Need to Know about Clinical Research Trials
Posted by Chapster on Jan-20-2005 (2274 reads)

In this article from the National Pain Foundation, author Jim Hagen provides information about all those clinical trials you hear advertised, and offers wise advice to consider before participating.

Clinical trials are essential to the drug development and testing process. The practice of doing clinical trials not only elucidates the effects of the medication under examination, but can also help scientists discover off label uses of medicines.

The explanation of the trial process is very helpful. Additionally, he gives advice about things you should consider before signing up for such a trial. The warnings on the Informed Consents are not merely window dressing. Even with such well-known drugs as Vioxx, there are risks present. The dangers are even greater with investigational medications.

Among the key cautions that he encourages are the careful research through all available means of the proposed study and medications. At the very outset, this would imply that you should "NEVER agree to be part of a drug or medical device trial when first asked. Take time to investigate and ask questions. "

Visit the article for more very timely insight into participation in clinical trials.

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What You Need to Know about Clinical Research Trials

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