ElderHope News : Gems from Precious People
Posted by ChapHarp on Dec-08-2004 (1870 reads)

We, at Vitas, are so privileged to serve people that are constantly sharing gems of wisdom with us: people who are traveling roads that are beyond our experience. Such people are often our best teachers. They share their truths, from the crucible of their living.

I continue to work on the lessons taught by two such special people. The first had come to the end of a caring, loving life. And her most pressing question was “Why am I still here?” She was ready to go, to be with her God. As we talked, she shared her truth which was “I’m just waiting on the Master.” And she peacefully and actively”waited”, until it was her time to die.

Another person shared with me a special dream she had – that summed up her life, and is her reason for how she has lived so long. In her vivid dream, she was at a picnic table in a field, when her Lord Jesus came and sat down beside her. She began to worship him with awe and love. When she began to ask a pressing, theological question of her Lord; he smiled at her gently, jumped up on his feet and proclaimed, “Enough of this Lord stuff, let’s play!”. Then he ran into the field, beckoning her to follow – to play! What a refreshing picture of her faith – and of her Lord.

Blessed be all of our wonderful patients and families who give us gifts that are truly priceless.

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