Hospice Care : Excellent video released about hospice care
Posted by Chapster on Apr-15-2007 (5826 reads)

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in hospice care for twelve years was the fact that people either didn't realize hospice was available for their loved ones, or they thought it wasn't appropriate for their loved one. Then, when their loved one became very sick the dying process took place so quickly that hospice did not have time to really work its wonders in providing the comfort and support that families needed. Sadly, until that time, hospice did little to present itself in a way that made it more accessible and welcome.

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Grief and Grieving : A True Pet Story
Posted by Chapster on Mar-17-2007 (4384 reads)

We grow fond of our pets. Our two babies, Jeffie and Jillie, are very dear to us. I'm not sure that we could love them any more if they were human. So, when I read a recent posting at Snopes.com, the urban legend clearing house, I was deeply moved. If you love pets, your kids love a pet, someone you know loves a pet, or someone you know has recently lost a pet, click the link to read the rest of this article.

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ElderHope News : ElderHope Wishes You and Yours Happy Holidays and a Peaceful New Year
Posted by Chapster on Dec-24-2006 (4314 reads)

We at ElderHope want to take the time to wish warmth, good will, peace, prosperity and well-being to you and yours. We hope you will take comfort and reflect on the traditions that you hold dear at this time of year. We would ask your prayers (in whatever way you do that) for those who are less fortunate.

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Health Care Professionals : Palliative Care Leadership Center (PCLC) Training
Posted by staceya on Dec-23-2006 (4343 reads)
Health Care Professionals

Benefit from two days of on-site, hands-on training and a full year of follow-up mentoring by training at one of six Palliative Care Leadership CentersSM (PCLC). Learn from the experience of established palliative care programs how to finance, design, market and operate a successful program.

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Health Care Professionals : Information on Burnout
Posted by Chapster on Dec-08-2006 (8715 reads)

The End-of-Life/Palliative Education Resource Center recently published four new excellent Fast Facts entitled Health Professional Burnout.

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