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lower it Intercom Help!

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Our grandfather died leaving behind our grandmother.

She is a semi-invalid in a wheelchair because of a stroke.

She lives in a house next door to a relative that can be there in less than a minute in case of an emergency.
What we want to know is what kind of intercom system is available is she falls or whatever that she can wear on her person and push a button to alert someone to come over and help her.

Thanks for any info you can give.


Posted on 2003/5/22 21:56

happy Re: Intercom Help!

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From: Dallas
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Hi, and thanks for visiting ElderHope

We want to offer our condolences in the death of your grandfather.

Though we are a non-commercial site (and will ban those who use the forums for advertising), if we see something that might help somebody, we'll be glad to let you know. So, this is NOT a product endorsement. But you may want to check or 1-800-LIFELINE. I'm sure there are many other providers out there with similar product lines, but this is one that we know of. They have been in business for a long while and have extensive services.

I hope this helps.

Comments anyone? Anyone have any experience with them?

Posted on 2003/5/23 0:19

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