Rationed health care?

normal Rationed health care?

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I am interested in the concept of "rationed" health care for the elderly. Medicare is apparently guilty of rationing benefits. Can anyone provide me with information on this topic?

Thank you.


Posted on 2002/3/3 18:47

normal Helpful articles about rationing

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From: Rowlett
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Dear Lynloni,
There are a couple of websites that I know of that give a good overview of the issues relating to Medicare, health care, and rationing. The first is through the website, National Council for Policy Analysis, http://www.ncpa.org/pi/health/hedex7.html which offers a vast array of articles under the umbrella of Health Care Economies - really terrific info. Also, you may want to check out the Citizens Council on Healthcare article: http://www.cchc-mn.org/pr/pr071100.php3
Another is: http://www.admccallum.com/RATION.HTM

I hope that this helps your search . . . please keep us posted on how your work is progressing!
Barb Remakel

Posted on 2002/3/5 11:37

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