dementia, grief, an living alone

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none dementia, grief, an living alone

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For the past 2 yrs, my mother-in-laws memory has been slipping. She is on varios meds, as she has had heart attacks, a stroke, valve replaement, and other ailments. Her husband, a self-professed doctor, has been giving her what meds he felt she needed, not wehat the dr ordered. Ovewr the past yr, she has lost a lot of weight, and has become frailer. Her short-term memory is shot. He passed away on 7/8/12, and she is lost. She has 3 kids, which would take her in a heartbeat. 1 lives in Ga and is the best suited to care for her as he is retired and works for his wife, and has the money to care for her. She won't live there because she never liked his wife. Her daughter had her for 2wks, and couldn't wait to dump her on us. She wasn't working, but has since gotten a job so that she can't take her on a permanent basis. My husband and I would be happy to take her, but my house is noisy and busy and she doesn't like it. I am willing to resign my job to take care of her. She thinks that she can live on her own. At this point, she doesn't remember that he died, she doesn't remember to take her meds, and she doesn't eat because she's never hungry. She gets angry if told that she can't live on her own. She is grieving, but won't talk to a professional. We are going to let her go home, and have a caregiver check in 2hrs a day to make sure she eats and takes her meds. We are very scared about this, but don't know what else to do. We can't force her to live with one of us. If we don't let her try it on her own, she'll never forgive us or realize that she can't. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. I'm at my wit's end, as is mthe rest of the family. Thank-you!

Posted on 2012/8/24 20:12

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