The rules of the road - before you post on ElderHope

normal The rules of the road - before you post on ElderHope

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From: Dallas
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Rules for posting:

1) Going forward, we will not tolerate any references, links, etc. to any commercial resource in which you have an interest. We regard this as forum spam. At best, the post in which a poster puts such a link, book reference, etc. will be deleted as soon as we are aware of it. At worst, we will publicly point out such references as forum spam. These forums are not to gin up sales for a poster's book, etc. It should be noted though that we are happy to be made aware of books, movies and other resources that have helped our visitors and their families, as long as the poster has no commercial interest in the item.

2) Gentleness is a virtue. In responding to the posts of others, please be gentle. Abuse of any sort will not be tolerated and abusive users will have their memeberships revoked. Abuse includes profanity (though mild profanity not directed at other posters and in a context where it may be necessary to explain a circumstance may be allowed). This site is open to children and this must be borne in mind at all times.

3) Avoid multiple posts. Please find the most appropriate forum you can to your subject and post there.

4) Use of the firums is at the sole discretion of ElderHope.

5) ElderHope has always lived to serve (and to make enough to keep the site alive). Posts that are made on ElderHope should reflect similar values - the desire to support others.

6) We will post responses as soon as we can. But, we also work more-than-full-time-jobs. So, our replies may be delayed. Please care enough to say that you care to posters who are hurting and haven't had a response to their psot. A listening - uhhh, ear - or keyboard - may be all that is needed.

7) Now, go forth and post...

Posted on 2006/8/19 3:03

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