A Synthesis of 4 Philosophies of Suffering

normal A Synthesis of 4 Philosophies of Suffering

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There are many philosophies of suffering, or explanations of God’s justice and the evil in the world. This poem deals with the Baha’i Faith’s substantiation and clarification of four major philosophies of suffering: Plato’s, Job’s, Boethius’ and Milton’s, in a unique synthesis, a synthesis around the concept of the metaphorical nature of spiritual reality. -Ron Price with appreciation to John Hatcher, The Purpose of Physical Reality, Baha’i Publishing Trust, Wilmette, 1987,pp. 27-45.

It’s all a footnote to Plato
we’ve been told: with physical
reality a reflection of the spiritual,
everything a sign of God within it.

Job teaches us that God is beyond
our understanding, a mystery, and
that patience and faith are required
in the midst of tribulation.

We must suffer and endure,
nobly, says Boethius, and
find the resolution in the
afterlife not this capricious
existence of remote justice.

Heaven and hell are internal
spiritual conditions and history,
a divine process, Milton said.
We are never beyond redemption
and sin, yielding to unhealthy desires,
requires that we have many chances
if we are to succeed in this world which
is a means of gaining access to that world.1

1 John Hatcher, The Purpose of Physical Reality, 1987, p.76.

Ron Price
31 December 1998

Posted on 2005/9/28 3:16

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