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On 2001-09-29 11:58, sandmarlea wrote:
My grandmonther is 92 and her short term mem. is failing. She has a friend who dislikes the family, but whom she adores. This "friend" is threatening to take control of her finances and become her POA..My mother has a DPA for my grandmother. Can this be taken away if this so called friend gets her to sign forms? We have allowed this person to have checkbook up to this point, but we have recently asked him to give us back the control and he refuses...Do we need to go thru the grief of a competenct hearing to try to protect grams rights/$$.?

Hi, Sandmarlea:

Thanks for stopping by ElderHope. Sorry it took so long to reply.

Certainly, you should have a competent attorney advise you on this, preferably one who has some experience in elder law. I fear that this "friend" may indeed be able to work things around to his/her advantage.

The sooner you take action to stave off this person, the more likely you are to succeed. Otherwise, it will likely only get worse, especially since he/she already has the checkbook. I wish I could be more hopeful...

Here's a link to find an elder law attorney:

Please let us know how it goes. Any attorneys out there?

Posted on 2001/10/1 8:36

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