help ,,,mum looks like she has dementia since dad passed

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none help ,,,mum looks like she has dementia since dad passed

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Where do I start ,dad passed away after a six week illness he was 83 and bright as a button .mum 81 and dad had been married for 63 years,dad had friends,mum had dad.mum was in shock at first had diazepam to get her through the initial weeks then ended up on anti depressants.this led her six weeks later in hospital,I think too much for her body so she was taken off them .that was nearly seven months mum looks like she has dementia,she hardly eats,thinks the water is black from the taps,doesn't want to wash ,thinks the house is dirty ,sobs but no tears ,voice is always shaky when I phone and thinks she has multiple things wrong with brother stays at home with her and is at wits end as mum doesn't even want him going to his room let alone out the house,her GPs put her back on antidepressants last week so time will tell but is it possible that the light went out in mums head and she has dementia with the shock of her man dying,,don't know what to do go is referring her for psychiatry of elderly for assesment as he says this is not normal grief ,hope you can shed some light on this ,thanx pammij

Posted on 2015/5/12 13:58

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