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my grandfather passed away in February 2010. After we began noticing grandma strange behavior. Repeating herself several times. Not being able to hold a conversation, easily distracted. Not cooking meals, no longer gardening, hunting or fishing. Or working in the wood shop. These were all activities she enjoyed in the past. Odd sleeping times. Sleeps in late, naps during the day, and can't sleep at night. Forgets to eat meals, or over eats. Unable to do the checkbook and pay the bills. Forgets to turn off the stove when heating water for coffee. Not measuring the coffee and making mud. Unable to sign her name. Unable to remember her age. Recently she cant remember where she put things and blames others for steeling items. The doctor has said she has dementia. But she doesn't take her meds because they make her dizzy and feel sick. Has anyone else dealt with this, and what should we expect next? Thanks.

Posted on 2013/8/1 22:28

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