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My 83-year-old father has dementia and his cardiologist recommended a pacemaker for his afib -- similar to other posts here. After reading Katy Butler's NYTimes piece, I declined. I could tell the cardiologist thought I was standing in the way of my father's care -- but the truth is, my father felt strongly his whole life that, should he develop dementia, his suffering should not be prolonged. And our whole family is suffering terribly with the toll of the Alzheimer's -- just an immense and incalculable price to pay for maintaining my father's needs and wants. His dementia is moderate -- he is incontinent and child-like, with a low level of comprehension concerning what's going on in the world around him. A sad loss given that he was for many years a brilliant MIT professor. I fear what lies ahead. Should his heart give out before he has to experience the worst, it would be a blessing.

Thanks, Ms. Butler, for having the courage to write so movingly about your parents. You made a difference for us.

Posted on 2013/5/22 17:44

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