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My mother is lost to us but is a gift to the medical society. Had you known her you would have, whether you liked her or not, seen a great person. Full of warmth and intelligence and self worth. She now lays most days on the carpet in the assisted living center picking at the pattern of the carpeting or the tiles. She is short tempered. She is so afraid and she hungers constantly for something she can't name. She babbles but we can't follow her thinking and even if we could, she does not notice when we try to interact. Her cardiologist just had the self serving .... To say that shutting off her pacemaker would be unethical. My mother has a living will that specifically says no artificial interference with the end of her life. How can the piece of plastic with a battery be anything but that? Tell me how to save my mother from anymore hurt! Kathie and my sister Julie and my brother Darryl and most of all,my father, Don.

Posted on 2012/12/13 22:22

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