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From: Dallas
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Hi, Mandy:

I'm sorry it took so long to reply. We have been considering closing the site because we are not able to respond as readily as we used to. Hence, we don't check the site much. At all, really. We are just leaving it open for people to get help if they can.

Still, I read your post. You are a very kind person to tend to someone for whom you really aren't responsible. I'm guessing you can't bring yourself to leave for fear that 1) Your partner's mother will be left alone and something bad will happen; 2) You don't want to leave your partner; 3) You are so invested in the present chaos that you really aren't sure where you'd go or what you'd do. Perhaps significant connections to others have dwindled because you've been so involved in caring for everyone else. Anytime we feel trapped like this, it's a terrible situation.

Do you know what you want? I suspect you do. Read your post again, sentence by sentence and ask yourself, "If I was disembodied, and watched myself read my post here, what would my disembodied self advise my real self?"

Your post is filled with pain. What would your wiser, disembodied self counsel you? I could tell you what I think but it would have little to no meaning. You are trapped and only your advice, wisdom, and resolve will allow you to move past this point.

Do I have any other advice? 1) Find your anger. 2) If you are still in this situation, choose not to continue as things are for another week without resolving the best thing for you to do for yourself. While you still have a self. I fear you're losing your self. And, it would be a loss to the world to lose someone who cares so passionately for others.

Mike Davis
ElderHope, LLC

Posted on 2012/6/9 2:25

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