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My grandparents were 93 years old and had been married 72 years. My grandpa was in excellent health but my grandmas health had started to decline. She also has moderate dementia. My grandfather was killed in a car accident a month ago. At first she seemed numb, but aware of what was happening. The longer it has gone on - the more her reality has become foggy. She has recently started believing that he left her - possibly for another woman. This is breaking her heart. We try to gently remind her that he has passed away but she will just say "I just can't realize that". It's such a sad situation and it's very hard on my mom - having to constantly retell the news that grandpa was killed. I was wondering f anyone had dealt with grief in dementia patients before and had any suggestions. I thought about taking pictures to her - both of him alive and pictures of his grave but I am just clueless. I don't want to make her worse. I just want to help. I will be grateful for any help!

Posted on 2012/3/12 13:20

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