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Today I am near tears. Mom is expecting us to come visit today and take her out of "Assisted Living" for a few hours & dinner out-She is physically disabled since her stroke 5 years ago and is now 86. Her mind is deteriorating too and I find her expectations of us visiting every Sunday is getting me down. We take turns with brother & sister in law but they have been away for 3 week ends and she doesn't call them during the week asking us to "get" things for her. I am the only daughter and this is beginning to affect my life with my husband. Our children are grown & we should be free to enjoy our time together. How can I get over this feeling of "We HAVE to do this every week"? There is no one else to set up her meds for the week but my brother & I. Her "Assisted Living" care is already costing a fortune without additional services added (she complains all the time of lack of attention there)I am having trouble balancing concern for her welfare and accepting that she is not necessarily competent as whe once was.

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