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We just moved my husband's elderly Aunt here from out of town. She was never married and has dementia. The reason we moved her here is because of three falls in one month and a social worker becoming involved and she ended up in a memory care unit in a hospital in her home town. After moving here the Aunt started asking about her family members including her widowed sister whom she lived with for over 40 years and who passed away from heart trouble about 4 years ago. When we told her that her family members had passed away (the brother and parents years ago), she has become distraught at times and insists that someone has murdered them and wants a investigation. It has become a huge mess. You cannot distract her from this thinking. Can anyone give me any ideas how to handle this situation? All she wants is for to call the police so they will investigate. I have no ideal what to do get her away from this type of thinking.

Posted on 2011/11/14 19:55

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