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From: Rowlett
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I'm hoping that your talk with your mother helped with the decision about a pacemaker for your father.

I was wondering if your father ever completed an advanced directive before his dementia or ever talked about how he would want to be cared for if some health or medical crisis occurred. If not, then it's harder to choose what is best for him . . but if you knew your dad well enough when he did not have dementia and knew what was important to him regarding quality of life and have all the information you need from a doctor about the risk/benefit considerations of such a procedure - as well as your mother's feelings about all this then maybe it will help with the decision.

And I agree with you that the surgery itself would be hard for your dad - even being hospitalized when a person has dementia is an ordeal in itself!!

I'm sorry that you and your parents are having to deal with this now . . . I, too, pray that all will be for the best for your dad. Please take care,
Barb (4 hope)

Posted on 2011/10/20 12:58

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