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My dad needs another pacer at 84 , he has dementia and is incontinent.I have already been taking care of him for 12 yrs.I have regular power of attorney and they said if he wants another he gets one.He does not have the capacity to see the long term effects this will have on himself and the family.He has been hit by cars twice and they want him to make decisions.I also think it is unethical and irresponsible for the medical system to just throw pacers into anybody.Any profession has to do things that make sense whether it is a mechanic ,lawyer or refrigeration etc. Since when do doctors not have to answer to anybody for the irresponsible acts they are doing ? That little surgery is going to ruin my dads and my life.Just let people die in peace,you cant live forever.

Posted on 2011/6/30 15:20

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