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Hi Terry,
Although we cannot address any legal issues through our website, my first thoughts relate to the question about your father’s vascular dementia. If he has dementia, was anyone in the family given power of attorney for either he or your mother before all this started to occur? Power of Attorney criteria vary from state to state so you may want to do a search for your state and what is involved in getting this done as soon as possible – if your father is still competent to give such authority to another person.

With Power of Attorney, you or one of your siblings would be able to make decisions on your father’s behalf when he is no longer able to do so – as is the case when someone is cognitively impaired from vascular dementia. I would suggest talking with someone, perhaps a social worker, at the facility where your father is staying about all this, as well as whether he is competent to hire an attorney to represent him. Discuss with the staff at the facility your concerns about your father’s well-being and this possible issue relating to an attorney. Something just doesn't sound right about your father being able to hire an attorney's services, given the fact that he is in a Memory Care facility.

It sounds as though you will have a lot to deal with in caring for your parents and the more that you can get information from the facility, doctors, other health care providers, the better! It’s always harder when siblings are unable to provide much support, so please take care and let us know if we can help with any other question . . .

Barb (4Hope)

Posted on 2011/4/20 14:29

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