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unhappy Re: grief in the dementia patient

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I cant write a small story. Your story is heart breaking but enjoyable. Wish you would email me & let me tell you about life story especially last (10) years. I am (74) have one daughter just turned (51) & we live 200-FEET APART. she has the local police dept. call me ever AM @ 7;00 to see if I lived through the night. She dont have time for me unless I have money for gas & meals. my email is I am Florine Jones [address edited out by ElderHope for posters protection]. do hope to hear from you. bye & God bless.

Editors Comment: Hi, Florine. We are deeply concerned about your safety and privacy on the internet. Therefore, we have take the liberty of removing your physical address. May I suggest using an email address. You did your post pretty well. You hang in there and visit again. Just watch about posting your private information, okay? I know what people can do with that information and you don't need anybody hurting you. Blessings, Sweet Lady.

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