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From: Rowlett
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In addition to my last note, Lorrie, I forgot to mention about the pets . . . that's a hard one, for sure! If none of her pets can move in with you, maybe if you tell her that they are being cared for by some really great people and are getting lots of exercise and whatever, it will help her cope with missing them. If and when you need to sell her home, you can still tell her that those same great people are caring for her pets.

There's just no easy way around this. Pets are such great therapy for all of us and become such an important part of our lives that when they are not around, it's just tough - especially considering all the changes that your mother is dealing with since moving out of her home too.

Maybe other readers have dealt with this and have some suggestions to help!!
Barb (4hope)

Posted on 2010/12/31 10:24

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