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From: Rowlett
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Well, I’m not a doctor but I’ve been working with Alzheimer’s patients for quite a few years. I’m wondering if your grandfather is really taking his Aricept considering that he is living alone, what the doctor says his diagnosis is if not Alzheimer’s disease (is it another dementia?), whether your grandfather’s confusion may also be related to some medical condition or some other medicine he is taking – or not! Point is, there could be many factors causing his current behaviors and a good evaluation by a doctor – perhaps a geriatric specialist - would be needed now.
Regarding the issue with him holding onto those photos of your grandmother – it sounds as though this is helping him cope with her loss now . . . it may be seen as odd behavior but if he does have Alzheimer’s disease, he is probably have a very difficult time thinking through whether those photos are real or not! And, this would not be unusual for someone with AD. So, my suggestion is for him to get a thorough medical checkup, have those children that have questions about the disease and his behavior accompany him to the doctor so that they can ask the doc and get a better idea of how to best care for your grandfather during this time.

Hope this helps . . . let us know if we can help with other questions . . .
Barb (4Hope)

Posted on 2010/12/31 9:21

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