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From: Rowlett
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Dear Suzanne,
I am sorry for the loss of your father and for your mother's current cognitive issues. I wonder about the neurologists and what their diagnosis has been for your mother's state. You say they have prescribed anti-depressants but what about her memory issues? Grief can cause memory/cognitive changes but generally, these are temporary . . . especially early in the grieving process. It sounds as though your mother has become more confused in the year since your father's passing.

I would suggest a second opinion to see if your mother is having cognitive decline relating to Alzheimer's disease or vascular dementia - in either case, several medications may be appropriate to help with her focus, attention, mood and some memory issues - such as Aricept and Namenda.

Perhaps talk with her doctors to get more information about her diagnosis and whether a medication to address her cognitive issues would be appropriate. Actually, some of the medications for dementia can assist with depressive symptoms too, and maybe her antideprssants can be modified or eliminated -

Please take care and let us know if we can offer some other suggestions . . .

Most sincerely,
Barb Davis

Posted on 2010/11/18 14:59

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