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I'm new to this forum beginning today. I've been looking on the web for someone with similar experiences to mine, and can so very much relate to some of the stories I've read here.

My Dad died at age 84 in June of 2009. My mother grieved naturally for a year, but right at the one year anniversary of his death, almost to the day, she had her first "episode" of forgetting what had happened to Dad. Since then, for the past 5 months, she will periodically call up one of us (4) brothers and sisters and tell us that she doesn't know where he is, and shouldn't he be coming home? Sometimes she thinks he is in the hospital still, sometimes she simply thinks he is "out of town at a meeting" or just at the store. She is becoming increasingly nervous and scared about the memory lapses.

Mom can't imagine what is happening to her, and feels so guilty each time she "comes out of it" and realizes what she has forgotten, even forgotten his funeral service.

We have taken her to various neurologists and specialists and she is currently on 2 anti-depressants, but nothing seems to be helping so far.

It's such a cruel, cruel thing. Both to her and to us, who have to repeatedly tell her that her beloved soulmate has died. Why is this happening to us? To her?

Any advise is welcome.

Posted on 2010/11/17 12:25

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