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From: Rowlett
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Regarding your friend's mother who is in the early stages of dementia and who is relatively young - 65 - that may need a pacemaker . . .

One question we would ask is whether this person ever completed a living will and expressed her desires about what type of medical care she would want in this type of situation. Having said that, because your friend's mother is young and in early stages of dementia, a pacemaker may improve the quality of life in the coming years. It's hard to know how to answer this from your message, however, your friend should ask her mother's doctor questions relating to how serious is the need for a pacemaker, if she did not have the procedure what might be short term and long term consequences, etc. Perhaps your friend should also talk with the doctor that diagnosed her mother, as this doctor may offer more information relating to the impact this type of surgery may have on her mother, physically and cognitively.

I do hope that your friend is able to get all the information needed to make an informed decision about getting a pacemaker - from all the doctor's involved with her mother's care . . .

You're a great friend to be asking these questions too!

Posted on 2010/10/7 9:26

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