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OMG,I would NEVER have let the doctors bully me had I had known what a horrible life my mother would have. my mother was 84 and was dyeing a natural death due to heart falure. She could not go to the bathroom ,bath herself ,see ,was a diabetic ,wheelchair bound,and had dementia.....WHY would any DR put a pacemaker into a woman who said NO!!!!!!! I was so used to hospice with my dad I just thought they would listen to her.....but no...they were on her ,and I being the only child became afraid of others judgement....her living will made not a differance,they did not consider a pacemaker "extraordinary means" wow..... she never thought this would happen,she has since been taken advantage of by a caretaker who robbed her,had 3 strokes ,is bed ridden we are broke for caregiving,emotionaly broken as well ,and I am always feeling judged. What ever happened ton a natural death in our country. Medicare wonders why they are broke?: give me a break!!!!! nto the DR who asked me "dont you want your mother to have a pacemaker?at 84 with my father gone.......I wish I would have had the guts to sayNO let her go be with God......because our lives have all been a living hell ,especially hers ........I want that DR to see her on Haldol 3 times a day because she is paranoid....... this is not my mom..... the medical field needs to get a grip...we are the first genaration to face keeping people alive at all costs.....even if it causes you to lose your dignaty, savings and your mental health.....Thanks alot.......wait until you are put in our position. no body want to see their parent like this.

Posted on 2010/3/11 1:07

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