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I am new to these types of forums....I hope it is ok to post here. My Mom is in middle stage vascular dementia and losing her speech. I found a wonderful assisted living facility that would take medicaid and her dog whom she had been co-dependent with for 9 yrs. He went to church with her for the last 9 yrs too!!!!! I thought this move was a wonderful answer to prayer until we had to put the dog to sleep less than 6 weeks after this big move. First we let her bury the dog in the back yard of the facility thinking that would be best, then she spent hours outside in the cold. So we dug him up and cremated him and she carries a fancy little purse around with his ashes everywhere she goes. She continues to be sad often( which is understandable), but now wants a burial plot outside where the hole is. She seems to forget often what she has believed all her life about heaven etc...but seems more at ease when I pray with her over the phone.
As she is bored there now.....she calls often with many different needs, and ideas about her dog. Do you have any suggestions on how to help her grieve this dog? With her dementia as it is, reality comes in and out. The doc did say he would offer an antidepressant for short term if she still seemed too sad. Any ideas. She is an hour away and I have 2 kids I home school.....juggling these responsibilities and priorities are very difficult and overwhelming.
Thank you!
I appreciate any ideas or support.

Posted on 2009/12/29 18:46

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