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Your mother in law's UTI is probably adding to her confusion right now. If this confusion persists once her UTI is cleared and she is off of her medication, she may have some other issues with her cognitive functioning or maybe has some other physical issue causing her confusion. Or, it may take a little more time for her awareness of time and place to get better.

For now, at least - if she is still agitated and saying she needs to go home, just try to reassure her that she is at her home and that she's not been feeling well recently and that her medications were causing her to be more confused. Reassure her that she will be feeling better soon and then she will remember that this has been her home for the past 5 years. Trying to reason with your mother-in-law may only increase her agitation. However, reassuring her that you both will continue to care for her until she is able to go home, may lessen her anxiety (or not!).

If her confusion is related to the UTI and the meds for the infection, she may already be doing better by this time. If, however, you continue to notice agitation and confusion, you may want to bring her back to her physician for another check up, blood work done, review of medications, or whether she has possibly had a TIA or something else - just to rule out other causes for her confusion.

Hopefully, your mother-in-law is better by now - if not, just try to help your husband understand that his mother is dealing with some health issue that is causing her confusion and that she isn't really aware of what she is saying or thinking right now. It's just hard to change the way you communicate and relate with a parent, especially when you've had good communication over the years . . . take care and I do hope that she is or will be better soon!

Posted on 2009/12/8 13:45

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