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Hi - I am not sure if this is appropriate spot for my comment as my mother might not be experiencing grief - her main goal is to find a way to get home. I had to hospitalize my mother a few months ago due to the progression of her dementia (mixed) and increased alcohol abuse. She has been declared non competent and we are now waiting for a bed in an long term care facility. Recently she has become very insistent about getting out of the hospital and home. She calls sometimes 10 times a day. This week she started enlisting the help of others in her endeavours - a companion service we hired to try to enrichen her life in the hospital. She seems to be getting angrier and most of the anger is targted towards me, because she knows I have her purse, keys etc. It is very hard to know how to respond because in some ways she understands what is going on - but it isn't clear to me just what she can process and integrate. Although it isn't pleasant, I am okay with her being angry with me. My main concern is that I would like to do what I can to ease her anxiety and so far, despite visiting and having "happy activities like picnics and games" the idea of finding a way to get home appears to be starting to dominate her thinking. Any ideas? Liz

Posted on 2009/11/17 20:49

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