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From: Dallas
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Dear Jodie:

Defibrillators and pacemakers can be turned off for compassionate purposes.

At our hospital in Texas, we do this a couple of times a year when the patient and/or family have decided that the device is undesirably prolonging life. There is nothing unethical about this if it is what the patient wants, or would want, if he/she is competent.

You should discuss this with your cardiologist. The procedure is easily done.

Certainly, the person choosing to do this must have the legal standing to make this choice. But, it is not in violation of any law and, if my father had been using a pacemaker in the latter days of his life and I had possessed Medical Power of Attorney, I would almost certainly have made that choice.

I hope this helps. Please repost if you have any further questions.

I wish you and your grandfather well...

Mike Davis

Posted on 2009/10/31 21:05

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