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My mom is 89 and had a pacemaker put in about 3 years ago while my dad was still alive. She was well into Alzheimer's at that time. For the last two weeks she has been in the hospital with a dramatic loss in functioning in which she is now asleep virtually all of the time, only waking for a few seconds at a time and keeping her eyes shut. This is also how she is when we feed her. Doctors think she probably has viral meningitis. The pacemaker is an issue which many in my family cannot even discuss. One thing is certain to me. When placing a pacemaker, conversations need to occur regarding the intent in using the device. I believe that when my father decided that my mother should get the pacemaker, he was only intending to prolong "good years" in her life. I don't think he was saying, "We'll get you a few more good years and that will probably be followed by several really bad years until the battery wears out."

Posted on 2009/10/17 20:06

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