Mom demented- what now?

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normal Mom demented- what now?

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Hello to Everyone -

What a helpful site this seems! I live overseas and just got the news that my Mom ( who has Parkinson's) has deteriorated to the point where she is demented most of the time.I am still figuring out what that means in terms of my responsibilities.Would love to hear how others cope and where to find a forum.I want to get my life in order here so that if necessary I could fly to the USA for a visit.On the other hand I had a painful relationship with my Mother and feel very sorry for her, but i detached from her a long time ago due to her abusive behavior (she hit me, berated me whenever I was around). Yet I feel very sorry and would appreciate suggestions re what should I do first?Thanks summerbreeze germany

Posted on 2009/6/28 14:10

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