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my grandad has suffered from dementia for at least 5 years now and has bad memory loss, my grandma was in good health and his full time carer.

two days ago my grandma died of a heart attack very unexpectedly and it is a massively difficult situation.

my grandad keeps forgetting that his wife has died and keeps asking the same questions over and over again, re-realising her death. this puts him in a pretty much constant state of hysterical crying and crying out her name. he is completely confused by the situation and it's very hard to keep repeating everything to him and him barely believing it, wishing it were a dream. when you tell him that it was two days ago he cant understand what has been happening all that time.

i dont see how he is ever going to be able to realise that my grandma is gone and i dont know how to help with his grieving.

any advice will be very much appreciated as i feel i need to help my dad and rest of my family.


Posted on 2009/2/26 12:39

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