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Hi Sue -
Does your Dad live by himself? Does he have any neighbors who can check in on him or maybe just call him periodically to say "hi"? He may become more isolated as time goes by because he really doesn't feel like going out or doing much with other people - which is completely understandable but this scenario then oftentimes leads to more isolation and more problems with health.

Hopefully, the medication will help him through this time. It's important that he does take his meds as he's supposed to so that the medication can be effective. It's just hard, sometimes, for a person in grief to take good care of themselves, such as being sure to eat, take meds, etc. You may just encourage your Dad to be sure that he does take his medication because it's important to you that he does take care of himself. Maybe a pill box that is filled for each day of the week would be a good way to remind him to take his meds each day as well as allow you to easily check that box if he is not!

Also, if his confusion or memory loss becomes worse or you are noticing it more consistently, you may want to take your Dad to a geriatric physician or neurologist to be tested for a dementia such as Alzheimer's disease. If he does have AD, the medications available for AD may help him slightly with memory and focus as well as mood. It's just hard right now to weed through whether it is grief that is causing his cognitive issues or more . . . however, after some time, it may become more obvious to all that your Dad has more than grief affecting him.

I'm sure it's hard to be the only caregiver for your Dad right now and sad that your brothers won't help you help him - unfortunately, this happens all too often in families where one adult child becomes the only caregiver. Maybe your Dad can move closer to where you live to make that commute a little easier for you. Please take care of yourself during this time and let us know how things are coming along with your Dad.
You'll be in our thoughts . . . Barb Davis

Posted on 2008/10/10 8:54

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