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Thanks for the insight AGAIN. I have done a lot of research and reading a ton of forums. This one is my favorite. I hope that my questions and your answers are helping others out there as well. It does seem like a lot of us out here are having a lot of the same fears and doubts.

I have read a lot on the facts that some people react positive to the medications and some have bad side effects. So far, my Dad seems to be responding well.

But having some knowledge about dementia does help people with dementia as well as the caregivers cope better. And you mentioned the "being tired" aspect. Yes, I can absolutely see where my Dad is slower in his speech on the days that he is tired. Obviously we all get tired and slow down a bit but his "slowness" seem a bit out of the norm.

And you know, now I can think back at times I would talk with him over the phone and it was like his speech was coming out of a different person. It was slurred and he was just want to going over things over and over and OVER. I would a lot times think he had been drinking. My Mom would get on the phone as tell me No, he had not and she would never lie to me about anything. I'm thinking this dementia has been working on him since the blood clot in his brain 4 1/2 years ago.

I'm am trying to prepare myself that we will see a "drop" one day in the next year or so. Maybe sooner. My Mom and I are preparing ourselves. It is odd how we as caregivers seemed to always be anticipating the next stage. I think it is a good thing to try to be somewhat prepared for the drop in the staircase progression I have read about.

I know one day I will be able to realize that YES, I did the right thing but I guess for now I just need to not be so hard on myself. Thank you a million times over. You have been a blessing with your insight.

Posted on 2008/8/11 19:15

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