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From: Rowlett
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Hi Robin! So glad to hear that your father is doing as well as he is now! That is great news! Now, regarding how long we can expect that he will be doing better or how long the Aricept (donepezil) will continue to help your dad's memory, well . . . it really is hard to say. Mostly, because each person reacts to medication so differently. However, from what we know from patient information and research studies, Aricept can help with memory for about 6-12 months and sometimes longer. Many people with AD also take Namenda for memory and this also seems to help patients do better with thinking, memory, mood. See this link for a good overview of these medications:

Also, even for persons taking these medications, some days will be better than other days. It varies according to how tired a person is, if they are experiencing any pain, or some other discomfort - on these days it's expected that a patient will not do as well as when they are rested and generally content. I think it's on the good days that caregivers may doubt that their loved one really has dementia because they really seem like they are back to their "old selves." Conversely, on the not so good days, it's a painful reminder that their loved one does have dementia. So, I guess the point is to just enjoy those good days or weeks or hours and time spent with your Dad!

Again, hope this helps, Robin . . .I know we can't fix the disease yet but hopefully this forum might help cope with the disease until researchers do find the cure. Take care and it's good getting updates on how everyone is doing!!!


Posted on 2008/8/11 10:04

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